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Join us for a Jurassic Rampage

Explore a Jurassic landscape, filled with moving dinosaurs, thundering waterfalls and steaming volcanoes. Fiercely entertaining for everyone from little raptors to ancient fossils. Adapted from the children’s story, The Mighty Claws Don’t Want To Hunt.

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The Mighty Claws Don’t Want to Hunt

Welcome to Mighty Claw Valley, a wonderful place to live. If you like EXTREME DANGER. The first book of the Mighty Claws Adventures series by Nat Luurtsema. Beautifully illustrated, laugh out loud fun for little raptors and ancient fossils alike.

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Razor sharp teeth

Trick shots missed

People eaten (so far)

Adventurous learning

All our Mighty Adventures have been designed to make learning fun. Such as how to pronounce those tricky dinosaur names. Here try one for yourself, PARR – e – saw- ROL – e – fus (have a nap in the middle if you need one).

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