Unforgettable adventures

Explore Mighty Claws Adventures

Each Mighty Claws experience is completely unique and adapted from a book in the Mighty Claws Adventures series by Nat Luurtsema. Currently based in Bournemouth and Colchester, the next round of dinosaur adventure locations are incubating and will be ready to hatch soon.

Jurassic rampage


Swing cut and slice your way through Mighty Claw Valley. A Jurassic landscape, filled with moving dinosaurs, thundering waterfalls and steaming volcanoes. 18 holes of wonder all based on the children’s story, The Mighty Claws Don’t Want To Hunt.


Roman ruckus


Grab your clubs and follow the Mighty Claws into a Roman Ruckus. Flowing rivers, a stone fortress, ancient weapons and lots of unfriendly, sharp toothed dinosaurs. 18 holes of fun (and just a little bit of DANGER!). Based on the children’s story, The Mighty Claws Storm A Fortress.