Free printable dinosaur face masks

Print, cut, tie string and play at being a dinosaur!


  • A printout of the dinosaur mask at A4 size
  • Scissors
  • Holepunch
  • String or thin elastic
  • Pencils or paints (if colouring in)


  1. Print out your dinosaur mask
  2. Get creative and add colour to your mask, (colouring-in version only).
  3. Cut it out nice and close to the edges
  4. Cut out the eyes
  5. Hole punch the sides of the mask.
  6. Tie some string or elastic to the mask.
  7. Fit the the mask on your little dinosaur.
  8. Time for them to growl, stomp and chomp in true Jurassic style.

Click here to download the templates.

Meet the author

Nat Luurtsema is the author of Mighty Claws Adventures, our beautifully illustrated tales of courage and kindness with lovable characters, challenging tongue twisters (and guaranteed LOLs)! But there’s far more to Nat than that!.

She’s a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, a BAFTA Rocliffe alumni, stand-up comic, author, actor and film director. You’d think with so many credentials under her belt she’d have to be at least only average at one of them. But we can assure you, she’s excellent in every field. (Don’t you just hate people like that?)

One of Nat’s most recent publications is a thoroughly British teen comedy starring a hilariously flawed heroine with a quip for every occasion. Aimed at young adults the latest in the series – LOU OUT OF LUCK – is out now in all good book shops.

So when Nat agreed to write about our characters and create Mighty Claws Adventures, we couldn’t believe our luck. But it turns out that like all the rest of us never-grew-ups out there, Nat just loves dinosaurs. So let’s hear from the woman herself:

“I love dinosaurs, and I always have. They’re so huge and weird, they’re like creatures from a (very violent) fairy tale. So when I was asked to write a series of picture books about dinosaurs, I felt like a dino egg had cracked open and my dream job had poked its head out.”

“I love writing these four, slightly wimpy characters. Adventures keep happening to them and they’re really not looking for it.”

“But that’s life as a dinosaur, lots of growling, roaring and giant monsters when maybe all you want to do is lie in the sunshine and scratch your belly.”

So there you have it. We love dinosaurs, you love dinosaurs, Nat loves dinosaurs and kids love dinosaurs too.

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Mighty Claws Adventures are available now.

How to draw a T-Rex

To draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex, you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper
  • Coloured pencils or crayons

T-Rex top tip: Use a pencil, just in case you don’t get it right first time.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Did you know?

Tyrannosaurus probably had a mouth full of rotten meat. All that bacteria with no toothbrush and and no flossing means T-Rex’s bite could have actually been poisonous.

Everything you need to know about Stegosaurus

The Stegosaurus is one of our favourite dinosaurs. Of course our very favourite one is Prince, the big blue Stegosaurus in The Mighty Claws Adventures stories. But when he’s not around we still think they’re great. And here’s why:

Crushing on Greens
Stegosaurus ate gastroliths. Small stones that ground its favourite vegetables up in its stomach.  It is believed to have eaten plants such as mosses, ferns, horsetails, cycads and conifers or fruits. No grass though, because it didn’t exist yet. True, but hard to swallow.

Chew on this one

The Stegosaurus didn’t have many teeth. It only had a toothless beak at the front of its mouth, and small teeth in its cheeks. You know the old saying, ‘remember to chew your food’? Well it would have fallen on deaf ears 65 million years ago.

No way! Yes way.

Scientist think Stegosaurus may have been able to lift itself up onto two legs. Imagine that! That way it could reach higher branches of trees and had an even more diverse diet.

Watch out for more amazing dino facts in our Mighty Claws blog.


If dinosaurs had smartphones they would have been selfie mad. Of course they would, look at all those teeth. Perfect for big grins.  And when you visit us at Mighty Claws you’ll turn into a selfie monster too.

We love your selfes too, so once a month we’ll choose our favourite #mightyclaws photo from Facebook and Instagram. The winner gets a double thumbs up from us and a free Mighty Claws ticket.

Naturally the competition will be tough, so here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Imagine this, you’re strolling casually through the Mesozoic Era, when suddenly – what’s that behind you? It’s a giant T-Rex! Now make the face you’d make then.
  2. Think about the camera as a mean Pterosaur who’s swooping in to try and eat you. Scare him off with your most terrifying roar.
  3. Try different face shapes to create the noise you imagine a Velociraptor to make. Probably a cross between a squeal and a chirp.

Good luck and stay safe in Mighty Claw Valley!