Roarsome stories

Meet the author

This is Nat Luurtsema, author, BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, stand-up comic and bookworm. She wrote these books because she has loved dinosaurs since she was old enough to know what one was. Nat really struggles to pronounce the long dinosaur names but she tries, and that’s the important thing.

The Mighty Claws Don't Want To Hunt

Mighty Claw Valley is a wonderful place to live. If you like EXTREME DANGER. Truly, Prince, Arty and Bea do not. They just want to go on an adventure that’s fun and doesn’t end in screaming and bleeding. Is that so much to ask?


The Mighty Claws Storm A Roman Fortress

Truly, Arty, Bea and Prince went out for lunch but instead they found DANGER. They find a stone fort, selfish Velociraptors, Pterodactyls circling overhead and a pack of Megalosaurs thundering towards them. Of course they did.


Meet the gang

Meet Truly, Arty, Prince & Bea (The Mighty Claws). Four young dinosaurs trying to make it through each day without getting mauled, scared, squashed or traumatised. Come and meet them in person at one of our adventure golf courses.

Truly the Troodon

(TROH - e - don)

Truly the Troodon is special. She’s missing a toe so she can’t run very fast and is too soft-hearted to eat meat. (OK, so Truly’s dad uses the word ‘special’. Other dinosaurs say ‘useless’.)

Arty the Parasaurolophus

(PARR - e - saw - ROL - e - fus)

Arty is very artistic and really good at painting. The crest on his head makes a deep booming bassoon noise. Do NOT tease Arty about this because he’s very sensitive about it.

Prince the Stegosaurus

(STEGO - saw - rus)

Prince’s family are very royal. They are ZERO fun. They expect Prince to become a leader but he doesn’t want to. He often says the wrong thing and lies to get out of trouble. But he’s lovely really.

Bea the Ankylosaurus

(ANG - ke - lo - SAWR - es)

Bea is the slowest of all the Mighty Claws. She has hundreds of great ideas for things to do, but her clever mind is often faster than her body.